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Trodai Academy - Case Study

I was contacted by Sensei Steve Payne who wanted to update his Trodai Academy website.

I met with Steve and we reviewed the old website together and discussed the structure of the new site, along with possible colours, fonts and photos.

Steve's old home page

I created a demo site in Wix, using some of the existing text and photos from the old site. This allowed Steve to see any gaps he needed to fill.

We also decided to include a blog/ news feed, so Steve was tasked with sourcing content for that, which included testimonials, events, student news and articles, which I subsequently uploaded.

Once the site was live, I tidied up an existing Facebook page and set up new Instagram and YouTube channels.

I also set up Google My Business listings for the two locations Steve works from in Walthamstow and Buckhurst Hill, and set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.


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