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I work with sole traders and small to medium-sized businesses across many sectors, as well as a number of schools, clubs and charities.



Most of my clients come to me through word of mouth. Some have had a bad experience with another designer or web agency; some are happy with their designer but need a project manager to represent their interests; some have tried setting up something on their own but they're not happy with the result.


I try to de-mystify the whole process and empower my clients.

If someone wants to maintain their own website, I make that possible for them; if they just need help setting up a small, affordable website, I'll advise on the best options; if they've got themselves in a bit of a muddle with social media, I'll help unravel it.

I don't work on a fixed price basis as I feel someone always gets a raw deal that way. Instead I work on an hourly rate. This seems to work well for both parties as I usually retain my clients once the initial piece of work has been completed and get lots of repeat business.

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