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'The Children Were Fine' - Case Study

Screengrab of The Children Were Fine home page

I was recently contacted by Child Psychotherapists, Sophie Boswell and Lynne Cudmore. They had written a research paper, entitled: 'The children were fine': acknowledging complex feelings in the move from foster care into adoption. Their paper had been published and the topic was gaining momentum but they needed an information hub for interested parties to visit; a place where news, opinions or experiences on the topic could be discussed...

I suggested we use the Weebly platform to build their website, as it's reasonably priced and the templates are clean and simple. They also wanted to be able to eventually update the website themselves, and the Weebly backend is a lot more intuitive to use than some other platforms, such as WordPress.

We chose a minimalist design. Using the research paper as a starting point, we were able to very quickly set out the structure of the website. Much of the content on the site came from the research paper but by agreeing a structure up front, Sophie and Lynne were able to go away and source any missing copy.

We agreed that it was important to have a Blog/Latest News section on the website and how the posts are categorised helps to filter content to certain pages, ie the Feedback From The Field pages, which in turn makes it easier for Sophie and Lynne to keep their site updated. We also included a news feed on the home page to keep the site fresh.

I suggested that Twitter could be a good digital marketing tool for them, since many individuals in the fostering and adoption sector already use Twitter. I set up a Twitter account and followed some key individuals and organisations. There was an immediate reaction to their Twitter presence and paper, which I think has highlighted what a powerful tool Twitter can be for them.


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