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SL5 Legal - Case Study

I was contacted by Andrew Sperling, managing director at newly formed law firm, SL5 Legal, as he wanted a website that he and his team could update themselves.

He also wanted a logo designed for his new practice, as well as help with registering a domain, purchasing mailboxes and setting up social media channels, including a business Facebook page and a LinkedIn business page. He already had an active Twitter account.

We had an initial chat over the phone and I suggested that Wix could be a good platform for SL5 Legal. It would give full control over the layout and design, plus it has a strong blogging tool, which was something that was important to Andrew and his team.

Before the website design began in earnest, I set up a temporary landing page, so that SL5 had a web presence whilst we were working on the main site and so they could get business cards printed that included the website address.

Patrick Hawkins designed the logo and it was his idea to include the universal logo for human rights within the SL5 logo, as it is an open source product for the promotion and protection of human rights.

Once the landing page was live, we turned our attention to the full website.

I sent Andrew a list of preliminary questions and, based on his replies, I was able to create a first draft of the site using Wix's Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). This initial design focused on the structure and the overall look and feel of the site.

NB The end design is very close to what was initially produced using the ADI, which meant I was able to shave off several hours of design work and thereby bringing about savings for the client.

Once the design and structure was signed off, I populated the site with content from Andrew and his team. This also included proofreading all copy.

Once the bulk of the static content was uploaded, I worked with Andrew to populate the blog (News Hub) with examples of notable cases, published work, SL5 news, staff blogs and testimonials. As such, we were able to build an archive of posts.

The last stage was formatting the mobile version of the site and finalising site, page and image metadata.

Once the full website was live, I set up a Facebook business page and a LinkedIn business page.

I also set up mailboxes using G Suite, as well as Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and a YouTube channel.

I provided Andrew and his team with instructions on how to update their blog and I now provide ongoing support as and when they need me.


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