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Scoozi Cork - Case Study

Scoozi restaurant in Cork

This family restaurant in Cork had a nicely designed one page website that they liked but they couldn't update it themselves and they wanted to include much more information, such as photos, news and social media feeds.

Following a meeting with the owners, I created a demo site in Wix that focused on a new structure and a light and airy design.

This initial design was well received by the owners:

I showed Dan and Leah the page and they were delighted with it. It really looks great - you really caught the spirit of Scoozi's.

I then worked with the restaurant's general manager, who sent me their high res logo, photos and menus.

I also added social media feeds to the home page, and links to their reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google.

Once the site was ready to go live, I liaised with their domain registrar, Blacknight, and helped resolve problems with an existing email address.

I subsequently set up a G Suite account for them, along with a new email address, that would work with their existing accounting platform.

And I reviewed their Facebook and Instagram accounts to make sure artwork and copy was consistent with the website.


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