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Project Lofts - Case Study

I was contacted by Garry and Amy from Project Lofts regarding a website for their newly formed company. Amy knew me from the work I'd done for KidsOwn.

They'd already researched platforms and had decided they liked Squarespace. I agreed that Squarespace would be a good fit for them, as it's a great platform for showcasing portfolios of work.

After an initial meeting, Amy and Garry sent me their logo and some copy. The template they'd chosen didn't fit particularly well with their content, so we chose a new one - which is easy to do in Squarespace, as the content just stays in the system and you are not required to start over.

Once the structure and initial content was uploaded, we focused on the project pages, which required a number of images and a small amount of copy for each project.

I also set up a Facebook business page and a Google My Business account for them.

Squarespace is incredibly quick and easy to build in. The whole project, from start to finish, including social media setup, took 9.5 hours.


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