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Pegasus Military Fitness - Case Study

I was approached by Pegasus Military Fitness because although they had a beautifully designed, website, it required coding knowledge to update or amend it (which they didn't have), and they wanted to have more control over content, as well as to be able to make structural changes.

They had been working hard on their social media and wanted a website that incorporated this aspect a bit more. Having been up and running for almost two years, they also wanted to move away from some of the stock photography previously used towards some of their own photos.

They wanted to achieve this whilst keeping their existing branding; but they were also on a tight budget.

Following an initial consultation with Barry, we decided that the wix platform would be a good fit for them, as it would give the flexibility needed to emulate the look and feel of their previous website, whilst allowing us to incorporate some new social feeds, including a Facebook feed and a Twitter widget. We also agreed that I should give the site structure a general tidy and bring in new content where required.

Barry regularly take photos at his bootcamps, so I was able to swap out the stock photography from the old site and incorporate photos that feature Pegasus regulars.

Once the site was ready, we tested it across as many devices and browsers as possible, and fine-tuned where necessary.

The whole process took approx. 15 hours from initial consultation to the new site going live.

I now maintain the site for Pegasus. This involves adding new copy and pages, and implementing new features. The Facebook and Twitter feeds keep the site looking fresh, with no extra work for Barry.



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