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Park Ward Carriage Company - Case Study

I was contacted by Peter Clarke of Park Ward Carriage Company after I'd worked on his son's website. He was happy with Joe's site and wanted to revamp his own.

He was happy with overall design of his existing website, but he had tried to make some changes and they had gone wrong and he was no longer in touch with the original website designer.

I reviewed the existing website and fed back some suggestions, that mostly revolved around making more of the beautiful photos that Peter had at his disposal, and to think about doing more with his blog - given that he had a regular supply of photos and testimonials. Also - it wasn't responsive, so it meant it didn't look great on a mobile.

I suggested that he move away from the existing platform to Wix, which would give us more control over the layout and functionality.

I did an initial draft, which Peter was very happy with, and then - since Peter lives locally - we were able to go through his archive of photos together, to choose the best ones for the home page and galleries.

Once the site was live, I reviewed his existing social media channels to bring them into line with the new site, and also set up an Instagram account.

I then briefed graphic designer, Patrick Hawkins, he created new business cards and fliers.

I now maintain Peter's website when he has new content, and post to his social media accounts.


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