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Minty Highway - Case Study

Danny Sperling is the business development manager for Abbotts Travel and I have been working with him on the Abbotts Travel website since 2014.

Danny asked me to create a website for his business development consultancy, Minty Highway.

He liked the simplicity of my Wix website, so we used that as a starting point.

We worked together to create a design brief for the logo. Danny wanted to keep the logo simple but with an element of colour. Graphic designer, Patrick Hawkins, came up with two versions for Danny to use.

Danny wanted to avoid using staged stock photography, so he put a lot of effort into sourcing colourful, abstract photography. We were then able to lift some of the colours from the photos to use as accent colours around the site, eg for buttons, boxes and backgrounds.

Danny obtained testimonials and wrote case studies, which I added to his blog.

Once the website was live, I set up a Facebook page and a LinkedIn business page.


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