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Mini Sibling/ Beau Loves - Case Study

I was contacted by Faye and Ian Wise, the founders of Mini Sibling and Beau Loves when they needed help with their two Shopify websites.

After an initial meeting, I reviewed the two websites and came up with some short, medium and long term actions.

The first project was to add the SS2020 products to the Mini Sibling website, including all titles, descriptions, photos, prices, size variants, barcodes and tags, making sure all items were named consistently and all images were named properly.

I then reformatted the layout of the Mini Sibling site:

  • increased the logo size

  • amended the favicon

  • reformatted the navigation

  • added SS2020 content to the home page

  • added categories to the home page

  • added an Instagram feed to the home page

I then went through the same process for the AW2020 products on the Beau Loves website.

Outside of database support and helping with website layout, I also help with any other issues as they arise.


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