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LiteSwitchTV - Case Study

When Yemi Sawyerr contacted me, he already had a good idea about what he wanted from his website, plus he had most of his social media channels set up.

We quickly established that Wix would be a good platform for him, as it afforded us the flexibility to create the design he had in mind and it would allow us to incorporate various feeds from YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter.

Yemi and I had a couple of meetings and after each meeting, we both had a list of actions to complete. This process worked well for both of us - from beginning to end, the website build only took two weeks. We both really liked the facility to pull in Playlists from YouTube and the Twitter widget on the home page helps to keep the site feel fresh.

Once the website was completed, we reviewed the social media channels and made sure they tied in with the new site - making sure they displayed the right artwork and consistent copy.


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