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Leading Influence - Case Study

I was commissioned by Lindsey Tuley to build a website for her organisational development and consulting firm, Leading Influence.

Lindsey already had a logo designed and ready, and she knew from early on in the process that she wanted to use the image of the birds flying at sunset as her background image. These two elements informed the design of the website.

My initial build of the website incorporated many pages and sub-pages, to cover the different services provided by Leading Influence, but when it came to populating these pages, it just didn't seem to work.

I went back to the drawing board and after discussing Lindsey's approach to her work - straight-talking, no-nonsense, honest - we agreed that the website should be a reflection of her business ethos. As a result, I stripped the site right back - settling on just five pages, with no waffle or padding.

Once the site was built, I rolled out the design to her company's social media channels and ensured that the wording was consistent across all of them.

I have also used the background image and logo to create business cards for Leading Influence using


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