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GoodFabs - Case Study

AAME home page

I was recently asked by David Hicks of Hicks Digital to collaborate on a new website for his client, GoodFabs.

David designed the wireframes for all pages and handled the project management, whilst I was charged with building the website and populating it.

This was the first time I'd worked with an external designer like this, as I would normally use Wix templates (at least as a starting point) or the new Wix ADI facility.

The process of turning someone else's designs into web pages worked really well, as Wix allows you to start from a blank canvas.

I advised on the overall structure of the site, in order to improve UX, and also on how to make the most of the blogging tool within Wix. For example, as well as appearing in the News Hub, blog posts are also filtered into key sections around the website, which makes the content work twice as hard.

All parties concerned were very pleased with the end result [click for GoodFabs' testimonial] and the client now has full control over their website instead of paying an external agency to update it for them.


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