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Forest Group URC - Case Study

I was contacted by Rev Ulrike Bell about building a website that would amalgamate five separate local URC churches under one new umbrella website. Four of the five churches had existing websites but these were running across different platforms and did not have a uniform design.

The Forest Group of URC churches were on a tight budget. They needed an affordable website that could be built cheaply and that they could update themselves going forward.

I suggested using Weebly, as it uses templates, which means little time has to be spent on the design, and created a demo site to show how it could accommodate a very content-rich website.

Once Ulrike had signed off on the structure, I moved across content from the existing sites where possible and then Ulrike sourced the remaining text and images of the churches.

Once the bulk of the content had been uploaded, I worked with Ulrike to select stock photography for the home page and some of the landing pages. I also helped create a new (budget) logo.

Once the site was live, Ulrike organised a training session for three church members so that I could show them how to update the site and blog.

I also set up a Facebook page for them, which they can now manage themselves.


Their existing websites:


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