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Epping Forest Sportability Club - Case Study

EFSC is a local sports club for young people with physical and learning difficulties. I was contacted following an EFSC club meeting, when the club decided collectively that they were ready for their first website.

Initially I provided information on Wix and Weebly, as well as domain registration, photography and social media.

The club needed to keep costs to a minimum and decided to proceed with Weebly, which is slightly cheaper per month than Wix.

Firstly I advised the club on how to set up a Dropbox account. They were then able to share all their photos with me. They soon discovered that they had more photos than they'd originally thought, which was great in terms of setting up photo galleries on the site.

Using copy from some existing fliers and letters, along with the photos, I was able to build the site and present a first draft. This enabled us to spot any gaps in content and discuss some of the proposed functionality, like the blog, in more detail.

I then worked with club staff to fully populate the site, obtaining feedback from parents and carers along the way.

Patrick Hawkins polished their existing logo, which was previously only available at very low res. The club was then able to use this new version in their letterheads and fliers.

Once the site was signed off and put live, I was commissioned by the club to start work on their social media. Initially this involved setting up Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and ensuring a consistent branding across all three. I then started maintaining these accounts on behalf of the club, with a view to training its staff at some point in the future.

I am now undertaking a link building project for EFSC.


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