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Community Foster Care - Case Study

Community Foster Care (CFC) is an independent foster care agency which is a charity and social enterprise.

It provides foster placements for children and young people in West Cumbria, Gloucestershire, Swindon, Wiltshire and Lancashire.

Following the work I'd done on the Fostering Through Social Enterprise (FtSE) website, I was approached by CFC's then Chief Executive, Becky Pearson, regarding managing the content of the CFC website and their other online channels, on a freelance basis. NB CFC is a member of FtSE.

CFC's website is driven by a content management system (CMS) designed by a company called Bubblegate.

I critiqued the site to ascertain what could and could not be updated via the CMS. Then reviewed and amended most of the pages on the website in terms of consistent formatting and layout, eg headings, external links opening in new windows, photo sizes and alignment, etc.

I also moved some sections and sub-sections around to simplify the navigation.

Any urgent changes that couldn't be carried out via the CMS were briefed into Bubblegate.

I was subsequently asked to design and maintain a website for sister charity, Community Family Care.

I am now charged with proofing and uploading new content to both websites, as well as to their social media channels. This involves liaising with staff, as well as PR Consultant, Anita Syvret.


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