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Combat Arts - Case Study

Combat Arts website by Liz Hawkins Ltd using Wix

I was initially contacted by Gordon McAdam of Combat Arts because he wanted me to review his existing WordPress site while it was under construction.

I did this and fed back my suggestions, most of which related to the proposed structure of his website, as well as the importance of including a news/ blog section and how that would work well with his social media channels.

Gordon tried to implement the proposed changes on his WordPress site but encountered a few coding problems with the template he was using. As a result, I suggested he consider trying Wix, as you don't need coding knowledge to make structural or design changes.

I created a demo site in Wix to showcase my suggestions. Gordon was pleased with the overall look and feel, and agreed to move across.

I then populated the new Wix site with his existing content, and Gordon provided new copy and photos, as necessary. I also reviewed his existing social media channels and implemented a few changes, so that they were consistent with the website.

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