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Chigwell Boys Football Club - Case Study

Chigwell Boys FC website home page

I was kindly recommended to Chigwell Boys Football Club by Barry Watkins at Pegasus Military Fitness. I spoke with Club Secretary, Jamie Wright, over the phone and then met with Jamie and his wife Kellie to discuss the site in more detail. Together we decided that Wix would be a good platform for the club and we chose a template that we felt would be a good fit.

The club had an existing website but it was a little out of date, didn't work well on mobile devices and was quite hard to update.

The club had some strong colours - yellow and royal blue - which were a bit overpowering on the old site (see below). I flipped these to make the royal blue the more dominant of the two colours and kept the yellow as an accent colour, which worked really well.

I transferred most of the existing content over from the old site and then set about creating a page for each of their 20+ teams, that would include manager contact details and photo, training times and locations, team photo, team news, etc.

As the team is run by volunteers, it was important to create a site that wouldn't involve a lot of site maintenance. This is where the Wix blog tool proved really useful, as I was able to set up a master list of news and then filter team news into the respective team pages by using tags, as well as elsewhere around the site. This means the team's administrator only has to upload news into one place and the filtering does the rest.

I also helped set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and the site uses widgets to keep the home page fresh with the most up to date news.

I've also set the club up with a Google account, so that they can use Google Drive for their fundraising updates, as well as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to keep an eye on how visitors interact with their site.



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