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Benesse UK - Case Study

I was contacted by the managing director of Benesse UK, Matthew Roberts, because he wanted a redesign of their existing website.

The old website was a little bit dated. They needed it to be responsive, and they required a high res version of their existing logo and new photos.

I recreated the website in Wix, keeping a similar structure and using existing copy. Instead of the burnt orange of the old website, I used the red of the logo, with black and grey accents.

We chose images from the Wix image library, which are free.

The logo itself was recreated by Patrick Hawkins, so that Benesse UK had a high res version that could be used on printed marketing material, such as posters and brochures. It also meant we had a nice, crisp version of the logo for the website.

Once the static pages were populated, I set about adding posts to the blog, formatting the mobile version and adding metadata.

Once the new site was live, I reviewed existing social media channels and brought them into line with the new website, eg Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I now act as content manager for Benesse UK, as and when needed.


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