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Association for Social and Political Philosophy - Case Study

I was contacted by Jonathan Seglow, president of the Association for Social and Political Philosophy (ASPP), after I was recommended to him by Professor Julia Gallagher from SOAS, University of London.

Jonathan said that the existing ASPP website, which was built using Google Sites, needed a makeover and he also wanted to add some new content.

I reviewed the site and suggested that Weebly would be a good fit for them, as it’s easy to update, looks good and is inexpensive to run. 

I also suggested including a News section where they could post about conference news, publication news, member news, etc. [They were already posting these kinds of items on their Facebook group but I suggested posting them on their website as well would give their site a boost in terms of SEO.]

I created a demo site, using the copy from the existing site, with a minor tweak to the structure. Jonathan then sent some new content to be included.

Once all content had been uploaded, I was able to add the site and page metadata. I then connected the new site to the domain and made the site live.

The job took 8.5 hours from start to finish and Jonathan now has the login details and can update the site himself.



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