Amy Duck Speech Therapy - Case Study

I was contacted by Amy a few weeks ago and set up an initial meeting. Although Amy had not had a website before, she arrived with a logo and colour scheme in mind, and had already thought about the potential structure for her website.

Added to this, she had access to some great photos and she'd drafted most of the copy already, so the website practically built itself!

Wix conveniently had a Valentine's special offer, which meant we were able to get 50% off their premium package, which saved Amy approx. £50 off her annual hosting costs.

We purchased Amy's domain,, via Fasthosts and I set up a mailbox for her at

The website took less than eight hours to complete, which included two meetings with Amy, and a few emails back and forth.

Amy's only ongoing costs are her Wix annual hosting charges, an annual fee for her domain and a monthly charge for her mailbox.