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All Metal Roofing - Case Study

I've been working with All Metal Roofing since 2014.

Initially I was contacted by them to help with their existing WordPress website.

They were happy with the overall design of their website but the structure wasn't quite right and the UX wasn't great, so I worked with their web designer to improve on that. I then helped maintain the site, uploading new projects and supplier logos as and when required.

In February 2018, they experienced some problems with their Wordpress site - it became corrupted and could no longer be updated - so they made the decision to move across to Wix, where they would have full control over all aspects of the website.

I created a demo website, using a similar look and feel to the existing website (dark grey and blue). However, during a meeting with the AMR team, I suggested that they might want to consider moving away from the dark background to a more minimalist style. The team agreed, and we moved ahead with the white background, which everyone felt worked better with their project photos.

I used the Wix blogging tool to collate their project case studies, testimonials, press clippings and job vacancies.

Once the site was ready, I worked with AMR's IT consultants, jjnet, to transfer the domain away from the previous web designer into an AMR account.


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