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AB Costing - Case Study

I was contacted by this law costs consultancy firm a few weeks ago. Before meeting with them, I sent them a short list of preliminary questions that enabled me to review the websites of their key competitors, get a handle on their expected audience, find out whether they wanted to use social media or have a blog, etc...

Based on this information, I was able to put together a proposed structure and some design ideas before the first meeting, as well as look at what their key competition were doing well or badly.

Following the first meeting, I fine-tuned the design and worked with the client to produce the content. Within three weeks the site was put live, including a blog, a mobile site, a Twitter widget, a Google Map and Google Analytics.

The project took 12 hours from start to finish.

Next steps will be to set up a LinkedIn business page for them, a Google+ account and a Google My Business page, as well as providing advice on Twitter usage.


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