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"I was so fortunate that Google took me to Liz's website..." - Nic, Drive Essentials

I knew I wanted a top quality website and wanted someone local to me that I could confer with face-to-face as well as electronically. I was so fortunate that Google took me to Liz's website...

She, together with her brilliant graphic designer brother Patrick, has created a website which I am very proud of and shows that driving instructors are professional people.

I had so much information I had to include within my site and I was anxious that too much information could be off-putting. Liz has managed to streamline this, where possible, and present it in such a way that visitors to my site will not be put off.

I now have a very attention-grabbing logo that I can use in all my marketing materials.

Liz has also set up accounts for all the social network platforms for me and provided tutorials on their use. She has created much more than a website - in fact I now have a very stylish corporate identity.

There is more to do and l look forward to continuing working with Liz.

I would not hesitate recommending Liz if you are looking for someone to create a website with great ideas, tremendous enthusiasm, and who is very professional with all she does. And you get all this at a very reasonable cost.

Nic Bayliss, Drive Essentials


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