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GFH Insulation - Case Study

I was contacted by Neil Morgan, who I'd previously worked for on the GoodFabs website. He needed a speedy turnaround on a new website for a joint venture between GoodFabs and Howerton Race Products. The two companies had joined forces to produce exhaust insulation for race teams, engine builders and supercar constructors.

We'd previously used Wix for the GoodFabs website, but for the GFH website, I suggested Squarespace. It's very quick to build in, which meant we would meet the tight deadline.

After an initial call with Neil, I created a demo site in Squarespace. This allowed us to sort out the structure and overall look and feel.

Neil was then able to start sending across content for the relevant pages.

The site took 12.5 hours to build. From initial call to the site going live, the project took 18 days and the deadline was met.


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