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Community Foster Care - Testimonial

I met Liz at our Fostering Through Social Enterprise (FtSE) meeting in London when she was showing us the website she had designed for the FtSE group. I was very impressed with her work and decided to contact her after the meeting to see if she could help me with our website. We had just purchased a website for a considerable sum but I was having problems uploading content and generally getting the website to work. Liz kindly offered to take the work on and I now cannot imagine life without her!

Liz has sorted out, either by herself or by liaising with our website designers, all the glitches and problems that occurred when the site went live; she has improved the layout and added a bit of her own personality to our corporate site. She has worked with my staff team to get the secure part of the website live and provided them with clear instructions, which has been most useful.

As a result of Liz’s fantastic work, not only for FtSE but also for Community Foster Care, I asked her to build a website for our new social enterprise, Community Family Care and working with our manager, they managed to get the website live after two weeks of work!

I cannot recommend Liz enough and I am so aware that I would not have such a good website without her continued support and the maintenance work she undertakes. Liz’s manner and disposition is so calming that all the stress, worries and concerns about our website not functioning properly were completely taken from me and I remain grateful for her continued support to me and for the benefit of our companies.

Rebekah Pearson, Chief Executive

Community Foster Care & Community Family Care

May 2012


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