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The Forensic Psychologist Service - Case Study

I was contacted by Dr Louise Bowers and Emma Stevenson who run a forensic psychologist practice. They’d seen the website I’d done for SL5 Legal and were interested in me re-doing their website.

They were broadly happy with the copy on their existing website, and wanted to retain their bottle green colour scheme and logo. Their main requirement was to make their website more contemporary.

I created a demo site in Wix that focused on the structure and the overall look and feel, ie colour scheme, fonts, page layouts.

They signed off on the initial design and then provided revised copy. We then worked together to source photos – they wanted to avoid staged stock photography.

Although they were happy with their existing logo, they needed a stacked/ square version for their social media channels. Graphic designer, Patrick Hawkins, was able to put a fresh spin on their logo by increasing the size of the trident icon, and created a white on transparent version for use on darker backgrounds.

Once the website had been signed off, they were able to use the assets across their social media channels, as well as for offline marketing materials such as Powerpoint presentations.


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