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Permanent Wealth Partners - Case Study

I was contacted by Adrian Johnson and Adam Walkom in early January. Although they had an existing website, they wanted something that was less corporate and more stripped back.

They also wanted the site to be able to accommodate landing pages and integration with their MailChimp account.

I suggested Squarespace because of its minimalist look and feel, which tied in well with what they were looking for.

I created a demo site which fleshed out the structure and overall style. The colours from their logo informed the colour scheme.

They then provided copy and we sourced photos from Unsplash and istock. I also moved the blog posts over from the old site and set up 301 redirects for all the old URLs.

Their subscribe form is integrated with MailChimp, and when they run campaigns from landing pages, this data is also added to their MailChimp account.

I also set up a Google My Business listing for them.

I am now helping them with ongoing content management.

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