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"Liz does what she says she'll do, when she says she will..." - Gordon, Combat Arts

Liz Hawkins is one of those rarest of beings in our digital age - someone who understands the complexity of social media, SEO and digital marketing, yet has all the necessary social skills to communicate it! Somehow she manages to simplify and demystify what appears to be a super-fast, ever-changing digital marketing world - one that only a very few seem to understand.

She managed to unravel the complex mess I had created in my own attempts to get “my message out there” - no small task as even I didn’t know what I had done. She worked a miracle on my website, changed my SEO to actually make sense - she says it’s common sense, not a 'dark art') and streamlined my tasks for blogging, etc.

But here’s the thing that made me really appreciate her… she does what she says she'll do, when she says she will… I had two years of experiences of “techies” that couldn’t do the simplest things, like meet a deadline or return a call. Liz is prompt, efficient and effective and totally accountable in her dealings with you - I get a spreadsheet with my invoice detailing what was done, how long it took and how much it cost.

So in summation... Liz Hawkins is my go-to girl for ALL things digital - the time, stress reduction and simplicity make her worth every penny. She lets me do what I love doing - looking after my clients, not learning social media!

Gordon McAdam

Owner, Combat Arts, Stage and Screen


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