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Gloucestershire Environmental Trust - Case Study

I've been working with The Gloucestershire Environmental Trust (GET) since February 2015. I was originally approached by them to handle their website maintenance and social media, but initial discussions led to more of a project management role during the design and build of their new website (by web agency Blue Line Media).

As project manager, I liaised with the Trust Manager and Trust Secretary in order to spec out their requirements and then dealt with Blue Line Media on their behalf.

Once the design had been agreed, I transferred content from the old site to the new version, updating and proofing as I went. I also handled the extraction of case study data from the old site, and made it ready for import into the new site, including sourcing photos and missing content.

Once the new site was populated, I worked with Blue Line Media to get the best possible functionality from their Content Management System, particularly with regard to the blogging tools and case studies.

Once the frontend was up and running, I reviewed the backend application process and specced out a more streamlined online application form.

I now have a monthly contract with GET for website maintenance and social media. I liaise with Trust staff, including the Trust's Press Officer, to ensure information about recently funded projects is regularly disseminated.


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