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Community Family Care - Case Study

Community Family Care is a social enterprise, sister organisation to an existing client, Community Foster Care. It provides family support services to children, young people and families in and around Gloucestershire.

Following the website editing work I'd done for Community Foster Care, I was asked by Chief Executive Becky Pearson to design a website for the new organisation.

I was sent their newly designed logo and a broad overview of the services they intended to offer.

I then put together a series of key questions for Community Family Care's new Service Manager, eg Who will be your key audience? How do you intend to keep the site fresh: news, blog, videos? Thoughts on Social Media? Thoughts on colour scheme, photos, etc?

I also suggested the main sections and sub-sections.

I was able to put together a first draft of the website, using Weebly. I used the strong logo to inform the whole tone and colour scheme of the new site.

I proofread and edited all content, helped establish social media accounts, advised on royalty free photos, set up reporting tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, and applied for Google Places.

From start to finish, the whole project took two weeks.

I have now been retained to edit the website.


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